Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Failte gu Taighean-dubha nan Gearrannan

Welcome to Gearrannan Blackhouse Village and we certainly did receive a very warm welcome.  There are nine house amongst the complex.  One is a Youth Hostel, another four are self catering accommodation and the others are a meeting room, a working blackhouse/museum and a cafeteria/shop.

We travelled back in time to visit Taigh Thormoid Anna, back to 1955 to stroll around a working museum to experience life in a genuine blackhouse. 

A hard life but warm in so many ways.  The peat fire added warmth and the fragrance added to the atmosphere.  The blackhouse interiors had many of the features of more modern "white" houses of the time.

The traditional way of life continues beyond the 1950s but eventually the blackhouses were left with only ageing residents who were unable to maintain them so in 1974 they were moved to local council houses.

There are also two coastal walks, we had a little stroll and explored the top of the world.

Wilbur was the King of many a castle.

Definitely worth a visit.  We then continued along the Westside of the Island with Wilbur and Hector thrilled to see sheep wandering around in the road.  Wilbur also loved seeing the sheep grazing on the rough terrain and hanging off the sides of the mountains.  We certainly had a fun drive and stopped to visit the standing stones of Calanais.

It was a delight to see the two boys wandering around, holding hands and taking it all in.  We talked about how the stones got there and how many men it would need to carry them.

We finished off our outing with a visit to the coffee shop for lunch and admired the view over Loch Roag.

So nice to see the beauty of the thistles along the machair.  The thistle is the National flower of Scotland and also the national emblem of Scotland since the Reign of Alexander III (1249-1286).

Hope you enjoyed our little tour around our Island Paradise, its magical powers certainly worked on our visitors who are already planning their next visit.
As always thank you for all your wonderful comments, support and encouragement.
See you soon.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Adventurous Visitors

I can not believe that we managed to cram so much into a week, but we did and had an amazing time.  The weather has been the best  it has been since arriving to live on this Island which was perfect for exploring and looking for pirates treasure.  We had a wonderful time investigating the beaches and coves in search of bounty.  The Island worked its magic and Victoria and the boys fell in love, just like we did.  It was a joy to see them as they arrived tired from their journey but they had a wonderful time searching out their new rooms, beds and toys.  They have both grown so much and Hector talks so well.

Our first trip was to the lighthouse, standing on top of the world and waving across the miles to America.  I was thankful Hector fell asleep so we didn't have the worry, he is like a whippet and moves so fast not the ideal place for him.

We had a ball exploring the castle and grounds, the museum although small was a delight to stroll around and suitable for children.  They had fun with the dressing up clothes, sadly the camera had run out of batteries so not a lot was recorded but I do have lots of lovely memories.

A stroll around the harbour was wonderful and had the added bonus of seeing several seals swimming around, much to Wilbur's delight.

Grandad had lots of tales to tell, tall ones I am sure.

There was an amazing film which you were immersed into and taken through the seasons of the year on the Island, it was quite extraordinary.  We were on the look out for Granny's cottage but we didn't see it.


We had a great time making up a castle and re-enacting some of the scenes from bygone times with knights in shining armour and Granny the damsel in distress.
They were Farmers of the sea, not sure what that is maybe a fisherman?

Treasure hunters...

Fossil hunters...

Hungry boys...
It was a joy to spend quality time with them and immerse myself in their imaginative play.

Long may the memories of this wonderful week last.  I will take you on some of our trips in my next post.
A very warm welcome to new followers, I hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.  A big thank you for all your comments and support.  Our little cottage looks like a tornado has hit so it will take awhile catching up with the washing and cleaning but I will visit and catch up with you all as soon as I can.  In the meantime, a woolly picture to finish, have a wonderful day.
See you soon.