Thursday, 20 October 2016

Duel Purpose Gifts

I have had to put the slippers to one side until I get the measurements of the children's feet.  I don't want to be responsible for any disappointment if they don't fit.  In the meantime never one to sit around without a project on the go I made a start with some padded hangars to go with clothing items that I have bought.  I was inspired by a lovely book  Made from memories and consequently made brooches to attach to the hangar which can be taken off and used on the item of clothing.  A duel purpose gift.

Oddments of  wadding were used to pad the hangar and just tied with cotton.
I then made the crochet cover in a selection of colours.  The yarn was stunning a dream to use oddments left over from the flower wreaths I made for my daughters wedding.  They work up really quickly so would make great last minute gifts.
I then made up the brooches using remnants of Harris Tweed, one of my favourite fabrics.  They look wonderful frayed a little at the edges to give the brooch some depth.  The perfect addition to any outfit.


Another set of gifts already to be sent off to Santa.
Note to Daughters.  No girls they are not for you, I will not be putting anything for you on the blog.  Have you made much progress on your gift making?
See you soon.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Santa's Little Helper

We woke this morning to dark overcast skies and rain, a good day to get some housework done.  I did get a little carried away with the woodland creatures so coat hangers and a little owl have been added to the pile.

My husband paints the hangers for me, two coats and then using a little sand paper strip some back before finishing off with a stamp and a little wax.
The stamp used was from a set of Cath Kidston stamps that are well loved and used a  lot.  They have been painted in a beautiful shade of green that the light is not showing and finished with a strip of polka dot fabric.
The owl is the perfect addition to the pile, a nursery should always have toys made with love.
I have also made a start on the children's slippers using Crochet at Play book.
Beastie feet for the boys and glass slippers for the girls.

The glass slippers are taking a little working out.  I am not using the correct yarn and I also need to adjust the sizes for the perfect Princess fit.  I am having fun with the process, but it is taking some time to get it right.   They will make a lovely addition to their Christmas stockings.  I love this time of year when my Christmas crafting kicks in and  I like the idea of me been one of Santa's little helpers.  Have you made a start on your Christmas crafting?
See you soon.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Baby Makes

Last weekend we heard the exciting news that our daughter Victoria's best friend was expecting her first baby.  She has become a great friend of the family so it was a honour to make some bits and pieces in preparation for the new arrival.  Although not due until the Spring I thought I would make a start and then just got carried away.

Burp clothes and bibs are a must for any new arrival.  The woodland creatures is a fabric that is a long time favourite and can be used for either a girl or boy.

They were backed with footprint flannel for a soft feel.
I then made a tag blankie,  every baby needs something to pull and suck on.

A fleece blanket was made, using a really soft fleece for warmth and comfort.

A storage bag was made using some white fabric embellished with the green and finished with a heart shaped hedgehog.  Always a useful addition to any nursery. 

Finally a crochet blanket ready for the pushchair next Autumn embellished with a hedgehog.  A fun make that grew very quickly.

All ready to be packaged up for when my daughter visits so that she can take them to her.  News of a new baby is always wonderful news, I got a real thrill making the things for a precious new arrival for such a lovely couple.  They will all look a little better once I have put the iron over them but I am in the middle of making Christmas sacks so want to finish them before I set the ironing board up.
See you soon.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Five On Friday

Earlier in the week Amy showcased one of her makes that she got free with a magazine and asked the question what do we do with them?  My answer is very simple nothing, they invariably end up thrown into a basket and never seen again.  I very rarely buy magazines preferring to spend my money on books but I am blessed with a daughter who buys me a magazine subscription each year.  We call it the gift that keeps on giving.  I have had Simply Crochet and have now moved on to Homemaker both giving a free gift each month.

Amy's post prompted me to actually empty the basket and see what I could use and make some of them up.  So today I am sharing five of the freebies that I intend to use.

What freebies are lurking in your secret stashes?  You never know there may be a gift or two just waiting to be made up.  Well worth looking. 

I am once again linking to for the weekly get together.  Pop over and see what everyone else has been up to.

See you soon.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A Nice Day Out

We have just got back from a wonderful day out to Springfield's, a shopping complex near Spalding.  It was nice to get Mum and Dad out for a few hours, they seem to go out less and less.  It was overcast so the photos are not the best but at least it kept dry.

There are some quite nice shops, not least a M & S which is nice to wander as our local one has closed.  I do enjoy a stroll around the gardens at the end and of course a look into the Craft Room.
There was a sale on so lots of things to browse.  I am unable to share my purchases due to daughters looking at this blog for hints of gifts.
The gardens were a delight to stroll around even at this time of year, but I will let you judge.

They have made a start getting ready for the Christmas season, a little early for my taste but beautiful none the less.

The fountains were a delight to see and of course the ducks were waddling about and also a delight.

All in all a good day out with wonderful company and of course CAKE...  It doesn't get better than that.

Are the gardens local to you showing their Autumn glory?

See you soon.

Monday, 10 October 2016


Still playing catch up but I will be around to visit those I have missed today.  Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my last couple of posts they are always greatly appreciated.  A Warm welcome  to new followers I really do hope that you enjoy my little adventures through life.   I have had a wonderful weekend playing with the children Bertie and Honey, they are such a joy to have.  They certainly light up our lives.  The mermaid tail was a big hit, a little big which was a bonus really as they grow so quickly at this age.

Look at her sat up all on her own.
Bertie had some homework to do, how quickly he has grown.  Shapes...
He drew around lots of pastry cutters for his work book and then we had a lot of fun making biscuits using the shape cutters.

We had great fun decorating all the biscuits and even more eating them...
We managed to get out and about despite the wind and the rain.  The soft play centre is always a firm favourite and we went bowling for the first time.  Bertie loved it and was really quite good at it, certainly something that we would do again.  Although I must admit to feeling a little stiff this morning.  I managed to have a clean around yesterday as they left after a late lunch so it is my intention to do some laundry and then sit and crochet for a few hours.  I will share my progress on another post. 
My heart goes out to all those that have been affected by Hurricane Matthew.  It really does make you focus on what is important and thankful for the little things in life.   
See you soon.