Thursday, 22 September 2016

More Christmas Tags

I had such fun making the tags from my last post that I thought I would have a repeat performance in the craft room, focusing on Christmas tags.  I have such a lot of tiny scraps of Christmas fabric that I thought I would experiment with it.  The end result is beautiful but it does take some time waiting for the glue to dry.  I used glue to adhere the fabric to the tag which did hold up proceedings slightly but worth the effort if you have the time.

The candy cane was made using two pipe cleaners.  I do like the overall finish and it is a great way to use up oddments of fabric.
Whilst waiting for the glue to dry I played around with stamps simple but effective, with the addition of a button is a quick and practical make.

Finally using oddments of card and buttons a Santa evolved, a must for children.

It would have been nice to have the Christmas music on doing this but I resisted and sang along to Herman's Hermits, Rod Stewart and UB40 with a track or two from Take That.   I have to admit to enjoying my time in the craft room but I need to get some of the household chores done, so I will love and leave you.  Take care.
See you soon.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I woke yesterday morning to a very dull, overcast and utterly miserable day weather wise that quickly turned to that horrible fine drizzle.  Yes, the perfect excuse to ignore all the outside jobs and retreat to the craft room.  I had a fantastic few hours playing around making tags.  I have a box that I keep all the scraps and oddments in that I use for tag making the perfect way to maximize materials.

The papers are all oddments from scrapbooking and card making, pieces that are too small to be of use.  I had such fun selecting papers and trying to match some of the toppers.  It certainly passed away a pleasant few hours.
I also started to experiment with oddments for my Christmas tags.  A rather large job so needs to be done in small sessions.  But I impressed myself with some of the results.  As some of you may know I am a great lover of buttons so using some to decorate the tags was a real thrill.

I loved the snowman and thought this might be a nice addition to packages for the Grandchildren, although the vintage papers above with the Santa embellishment was also a contender, decisions, decisions!   I thought I might make some more Christmas pudding tags to write the heating instructions on, attaching them to the pudding when I have made them nearer to Christmas. 

The weather is pretty good today so I had better finish off and get back outside to the mundane jobs of clearing the garden.  

See you soon.


Monday, 19 September 2016

Autumn Preparations

Autumn is fast approaching so the preparations are ongoing.  I have phoned and booked an engineer to come and service the boiler.  Logs have been ordered and will be delivered next week.  Garden furniture has been oiled and stored with only a couple of chairs remaining so that we can still enjoy the bursts of sunshine that we keep getting.  I still have a few panels of fencing to paint but we have run out of paint so a trip to town is needed.  Herbs have been harvested and some have been prepared for the freezer and some for drying out.

Basil is hanging on the back door and should be dry in about 4 - 6 weeks, I am going to use it to make some salt meat rubs.
Whilst I haven't started to add the Autumn décor I have changed the candles and a few cushion covers in Autumnal colours.

My tomato crop this year has been a complete disaster but I managed to bag a bargain at the car boot sale over the weekend and get an enormous bag for £1.  I roasted them with basil whilst I was roasting the beef for Sunday lunch.  They are now all packed into the freezer ready to add to winter stews or soups, the perfect taste of summer.

Another bag of apples purchased for £1, has made 7 jars of apple sauce and with the addition of some blackberries picked on a stroll down the lane we also have a couple of pie/crumble bases.

I still have red cabbage and onions to pickle and some more jam needs to be added to the store cupboard.  I feel as if the majority of the preparations for the new season are almost done.  How are your preparations going? 

See you soon.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Time Marches On

Bertie started school today, it doesn't seem like five minutes since the day he was born bringing so much joy into our lives.  I spoke to him before he went into school he was so excited and so grown up telling me he would phone me when he came from school as he didn't want to be late.  What a Prince he is.  Amie, his Mum was a little emotional bless her I hope she manages to keep it together until she gets him in there.  It brought back so many happy memories of her starting school and how grown up she suddenly looked dressed in her navy school uniform.  Lovely memories!  Time marches on, another generation going through the same emotional turmoil of letting your child go.

Mum and I had a stroll around the car boot sale at Skegness stadium yesterday we were on the look out for vegetables which as a general rule are in abundance.  Not this week we came home with a lot of things but not the vegetables we actually went for.  The car boot season is slowly coming to an end so the ones in the week are finishing, consequently there were a lot of bargains to be had.  I must admit to bagging a bargain or two myself.

50p bought a whole load of parcel labels to be made into gift tags.

I then managed to get some stamps for 80p, 20p per item.  I was really impressed with the wooden stamp and have plans for it in my head already.
£2 bought a job lot of books and 3 boxes of crochet cotton, I was thrilled to be able to add to my book collection.

We have got up to a very wet and misty morning, so my plans for painting the fences are to be put on hold for a little while.  It is amazing how quickly the weather has changed, we have had glorious sunshine for the past couple of days.  Still I have plenty of indoor jobs and craft projects to keep me occupied.    What are you working on at the moment?
See you soon

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Autumn Changes

Signs of Autumn are all around us and yet the temperatures are still reaching Summer highs, a real bonus as we are a little behind with some of the garden maintenance.  I found the fence painting yesterday at my parents quite therapeutic, the slow rhythm of the brush reflecting the slow pace of life we are experiencing at the moment.  Time lost in thought of happier times.  The sheds are on the agenda for today and then back to my own house to paint the remaining 15 panels of fencing.  The change of season a mirror image of the changes within our family.  Time now needed to come to terms with our loss and the new dynamics within the family that will follow.  Your thoughts and prayers have been gratefully received and have been a great comfort so I thank you from the heart and ask that we continue to be in your prayers.  Our lives will never be the same again,  mental illness is brutal and has taken a young man from us in the prime of his life.  Be kind to those around you and make sure they know they are loved.

I am not ready to make any seasonal décor changes yet but I have made a start in making a new Autumn wreath.  I spent a couple of lovely hours in the craft room playing some old LPs on my old record player whilst playing around with Autumn leaves.

I used the hot glue gun to adhere them to the burlap so that the wreath can be used again.
Adding a beautiful gold coloured wire ribbon and some apples that were actually been sold as Christmas tree decorations.

I then painted some wooden labels red.
Using a alphabet stencil felt letters were made to attach to the labels to make a HARVEST bunting.
These were attached to the wreath using jute twine.
All ready to be hung on the back of the door.  I think it looks quite striking.
I will catch up with you over the next couple of days as time and mood allows.  The list of outstanding jobs evergrowing.
See you soon.