Thursday, 8 December 2016

Five on Friday

Another busy week, another week nearer to Christmas.   My three daughters are coming to visit on Sunday along with their little families.  My Mum and Dad hopefully will come down for an hour or so.  I am also expecting my sister her daughter and her daughter.  Finally my brother, making a total of 20 to cater for.  I intend to host a buffet lunch, so to make my life a little easier I have made a start on some of the preparations.


Hot chocolate stirrers.  I thought I would make hot chocolate on arrival with chocolate stirrers and cookies.  I stamped the lollipop sticks to give them a seasonal look.

Added melted milk chocolate to an ice cube tray shaped like a Christmas tree or bauble then added the sticks, mini marshmallow, mini candy canes or mini gingerbread men.

Once they had hardened off they were wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with some natural twine.
I have covered some sweet lollipops in netting and tied with a ribbon to make a pretty addition to a Christmas tree all ready for the children.

All ready for the sweet trolley.  I  always wrapped lollies for the girls when they were little for treats throughout the festive period so they will love it.  A lovely reminder of their childhood.
I have had fun folding napkins, I tried lots of different ways but finally settled with a tree it made me smile and adds a little more Christmas sparkle.

I have a basket that will be by the door so that I can give each person a little token as they leave, my way of thanking them for coming.  This week I added a few children's brooches these are the ones I made for Lily and Daisy.

I want everyone to feel that they were welcome and to feel loved, a token gift maybe but filled with love.
More chocolate, this time some mini rocky road and some individual chocolates to have with tea/coffee after lunch or another little treat to take home.

Melted chocolate was poured into a mould and a few little treats added, chopped nuts, raisons, cranberries, marshmallow or candy cane pieces.  They were then popped into the fridge to harden and then placed into cellophane bags and tied with natural twine.

A few mini candy canes added to give a little colour and they are ready.
I am once again joining Amy over at Love Made My Home for the weekly get together, pop over and join in the fun.  How are your Christmas preparations going?
See you soon.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas Lounge Tour.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last few posts, it is such a joy to read them and know that you enjoy what I write.  Today I thought I would take you on a little tour around the Christmas décor of my home.  The tea is made and there is fresh mincepies and jam tarts in the tin, I have the makings of a hot chocolate if you would prefer.

I am blessed with amazing memories of my childhood Christmas's, there were six of us siblings so we didn't get loads but there was always love and laughter and little traditions.

Once I had left home, married and had children of my home we retained some of our traditions and then made some of our own.  Making Christmas, the Christmas we now know.  Although I am sure now that my three daughters have little families of their own there will be new traditions made and added to suit them.
I love getting the Christmas decorations out and remembering and reflecting on where each piece came from.  There are so many memories in those boxes, which is why it takes us so long to decorate as we laugh and reflect amidst the odd tear.
The carol singers always make us smile, they came from my late Mother in Laws home and bring back lots of wonderful memories.  She loved Christmas and ironically died on Christmas Day suddenly with no warning several years ago.

The windows are decked out with some greenery and fake poinsettias which enhance the beauty of some of the Santa's and Royal Albert plates.
We have an eclectic mix of decorations but for me that is what makes it so special.  The love and friendships that have been made over the years and the wonderful places we have visited are highlighted amongst our décor adding to the charm.

The tree is always a joy to decorate, although not to everyone's taste this year I went a little crazy with the Santa baubles and a tree topper that explodes from the tree in a burst of colour.  I wanted to please the Grandchildren.  Once again a eclectic mix of baubles filled with memories from Christmas's past.

Finally for the lounge I want to share my mantel, I know that Amy over at Love Made My Home will enjoy this she did a wonderful monthly post on her mantel display which was enchanting.

...and of course there needs to be the obligatory side view.  Hope this made your smile Amy.
Love for me makes Christmas so special, special times filled with love spent with family and friends celebrating Gods love for us through the Christmas story.  Hope you enjoyed my little tour as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.
See you soon.



Monday, 5 December 2016

Horncastle Christmas Victorian Market.

Yesterday we woke to a beautiful morning with the sun shining brightly albeit a little cold so we decided to have a another stroll around Horncastle this time around the Victorian Christmas market.  We arrived early so that we were able to get a car park space which filled up very quickly.  As we walked into the market we were greeted by an organ grinder playing some lovely uplifting Christmas music.

The florists to the left was stunning, a beautiful display of wreaths and bouquets, staff dressed in Victorian costume to add to the  beauty.

There was beauty at every level, the thatched roofs were a delight as were the Christmas trees adorning the buildings.

The traffic had been diverted around the town so it was completely pedestrianized with entertainment dotted throughout the market.  There was entertainment in many guises, to suit all tastes and ages. 
A Punch and Judy show, was a blast from the past reminiscent of my seaside holidays as a child.
There were several groups of carol singers, a band playing Christmas carols and a DJ blasting out Christmas songs.  With Radio Lincolnshire adding to the mix.  Wandering entertainers were also in abundance.

One of my favourites were the Morris Dancers, such an ancient tradition that was a joy to see.

The big man himself was also present which must have been amazing for the children.

Even the fire service were involved bringing out an old 1937 engine, it was brilliant to see it and chat with the firemen who do such a great job.

There was food aplenty which we tried on our way around, it certainly would have been rude not to.  I can say that the pulled pork, stuffing and apple bap was truly amazing.
There was a wide variety of stalls each one beautiful in its own way.

The shops were all open and added to the beauty with their amazing window displays.  I captured this next one which I found fascinating with its wondrous reflections.

I did have a few little treats which I will share on another post, I do have a very generous husband and sweet Mum.
An enchanting day out, making lots of lovely memories to treasure.  I am definitely enjoying the season thus far, how about you?
See you soon.